Process Engineering and Simulation

High temperature pilot reactor

As an example, the comparison of the calculated and the measured temperature profile in an operating run is shown here.

Prototype SNCR nozzle lance

By pre-calculating the heat transfers for different variants, the main dimensions of a prototype can be determined.

The prototype of this turnable nozzle lance is used by MAL DeNox Systems GmbH .

Stationary fluidized bed with steam generator

In this process simulation, a stationary fluidized bed with steam generator is shown.

 Gasification of solid fuels

The gasification of solid fuels produces different gas compositions depending on the temperature and the gasification atmosphere.

Pollutant discharge from unsaturated zone

In the vadose zone of a contaminated site are components of tar oil, which are discharged due to the seepage water.

 Thermal hydraulic remediation

In this example, a thermal hydraulic remediation was carried out at a with tar oil contaminated site. In order to estimate the operating procedures, an Excel based calculation model was developed.